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Love Blue Inc. offers a wide range of programs that make a positive impact one our oceans & beaches. From educational initiatives to beach cleanups & other conservation efforts, our programs provide opportunities for individuals to actively contribute to the well being of our marine ecosystems.

By getting involved with Love Blue Inc. you can join a passionate community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to protecting & preserving our oceans for future generations. Together, we can make a real difference & create a sustainable future for our planet. 

School Clubs

College/University Clubs

Starting a Love Blue Club or Chapter is a fantastic way to take action & make a tangible difference in your local community, while being a part of a passionate network of individuals who share the same love & commitment for our oceans/beaches. 


Community Chapters

Coastal Communities Taking Action.

Starting a Love Blue Community Chapter is an awesome opportunity to bring people together, create a positive change in your local community, & make a real impact towards ocean conservation. Working hand in hand with our coastal governments is key protecting & preserving our oceans.


Public Cleanup Station Program

Taking matters into your own hands.

Our stations are a community driven initiative that encourages everyone to participate in keeping our oceans & beaches clean.


Sponsorship Opportunities 

Fostering a Community.

Becoming a Love Blue Sponsor means joining a passionate community dedicated to preserving our oceans & beaches, while also gaining positive brand visibility.

Seal of Support

It takes us all to make a real impact.

Our  Seal of Support is a badge of honor, symbolizing a commitment to our mission of keeping our oceans & beaches clean.


Internship Opportunities 

The best way to learn is by doing.

Our internship opportunities offer hands-on experience in environmental conservation, providing a unique chance to make a real difference while gaining valuable skills.


Repurposed Trash Projects

Trash doesn't belong in a landfill.

Our projects creatively transform collected waste from beach cleanups into art & useful items, promoting recycling & sustainability.

Get to Know Us

Love Blue Inc. is a registered 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Organization that conserves our oceans through community outreach & organized beach cleanups. 

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