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Seal of Support

Become a proud sponsor with Love Blue Inc. 

It takes a community to truly make a difference.

Join the Movement



According to our National Geographic, an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic and debris plague our oceans every year. Global pollution is currently at an all-time high. A great cause behind this issue is the lack of care and respect for our beaches. Coastal community officials are blinded by the result of waste not being properly managed. Therefore Love Blue takes a stand to preserve and protect our oceans through community outreach as well as organized cleanups.

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Subscribing to the Love Blue Seal of Support you are provided with the opportunity to eliminate waste and pollution on our local beaches. 

Business will receive: 

  • A copy of the local beach cleanup schedule

  • Membership Certificate (1st year)

  •  Informational packet

  •  A Love Blue Sign (Exact measurements of Sign)

  • (2) Shirts from our latest Love Blue Apparel

  • Love Blue Merch as Tokens of Appreciation



With your annual support of a minimum of $100, your donation will help keep our beaches clean and inspire the community to take action against the ocean pollution crisis. 

By becoming an active member, we highly encourage & provide sustainable alternatives on our website, in order to defeat the impacts of plastic pollution on our beaches.


It is required of all active Seal of Support members to pick a minimum of three sustainable options below:

  • No plastic bags

  • No plastic straws 

  • No plastic utensils 

  • No styrofoam or plastic to-go containers

  • Option of straws, only upon request by customer

    • Sustainable Alternative preferred

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