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Public Cleanup Station Program

Love Blue's Public Cleanup Station Program is our commitment to a cleaner future, one beach day at a time. We've created an innovative initiative where beach-goers are empowered to contribute cleaning our beaches at their own pace. Our stations are strategically placed, providing the essential cleanup tools at beach access points to make every beach visit a chance to do your part. It's not just about cleaning; it's about fostering a community of ocean-lovers who believe in leaving no trace. 

Program Goals & Objectives

Our program provides a fantastic opportunity for folks to engage in environmental stewardship beyond our regular beach cleanups & outreach events.


Raise Awareness

Our Public Cleanup Stations are an

eye-catching commodity to any coastal community. Seeing these stations & our logo alone make people think twice about leaving trash behind!


Boost Engagement

When people see our stations it allows the community to engage in our movement by taking part in their own cleanup, sharing our message, & leading by example.


Inspire our Youth

Our college & university volunteers up & down the NJ Coast work in their local coastal communities to raise awareness & eventually help  the community adopt Love Blue Inc. services.

This is a common goal they are all excited to work towards.

Our Program Partners

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