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We are the Guardians of the Oceans, conserving our oceans through community outreach programs & organized beach cleanups. 


Lifeguards & Surfers Unite

On July 19th, 2019 , a small group of ocean lifeguards & community surfers who shared a similar idea of oceanic conservation, decided to establish the vision of Love Blue Inc. The works began as small beach cleanups in Wildwood Crest but has now evolved into many active chapters which include: Wildwood Crest, Coastal Carolina University, Stockton University,  Rowan University & more. Through our beach cleanups and community outreach, we are able to fulfill our mission of restoring & progressing our oceans. The gift that keeps giving.

Our Love Blue Family

Our National Community of Volunteers & Supporters serve as The Guardians of the Ocean, being the first line of defense before trash even reaches the water.


Through our community outreach programs & organized beach cleanups, we are able to raise awareness, boost community engagement, & inspire our youth to take action in ocean conservation. 

Community Outreach

In order to solve a problem completely, we must attack it at its source.

Our programs for coastal communities have shown to raise awareness, boost engagement, & inspire our youth. All having a positive impact on our oceans. 


Our Core Values

At Love Blue Inc., our core values are driven from the passion for

the ocean, community engagement, & environmental stewardship. 

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