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Love Blue Inc.

EIN : 84-2519434

Love Blue Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that conserves our oceans through community outreach & organized beach cleanups.

Donations/Tax Information

At Love Blue Inc., donations are vital to our operations. Donations go towards supporting our beach cleanups, which require proper equipment & other resources. Our chapters, both college & community, up & down the East Coast, need the proper equipment & marketing tools for outreach events to continue to further our mission. Our chapters equip our lovely volunteers with the necessary tools & resources for cleanups of all kinds. We are dedicated to recycling & educating about recycling, so a portion of our funds go towards projects & programs that help propel manage waste. Lastly, our overhead costs, everything from personnel, traveling, events, marketing, & more. Without our overhead our mission would not be able to carry on & expand for generations to come, which is our goal, to make an everlasting impact.

Tax Information

Publication 78 Data

Organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Users may rely on this list in determining deductibility of their contributions.

Deductibility Code :

PC = A Public Charity

In general, an individual who itemizes deductions may deduct contributions to most charitable organizations up to 50% (60% for cash contributions) of his or her adjusted gross income computed without regard to net operating loss carrybacks. Individuals generally may deduct charitable contributions to other organizations up to 30% of their adjusted gross income (computed without regard to net operating loss carrybacks). These limitations (and organizational status) are indicated as follows:

Determination Letter

A favorable determination letter is issued by the IRS if an organization meets the requirements for tax-exempt status under the Code section the organization applied.

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