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City of Cape May adds FIVE Cleanup Stations

We're thrilled to announce that the City of Cape May has taken a significant step towards environmental stewardship by adding five public cleanup stations in partnership with Love Blue Inc. Cape May becomes the second town to adopt this innovative program, showcasing its commitment to preserving our pristine beaches and promoting community involvement.

These cleanup stations are more than just bins; they symbolize a collective effort towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Placed strategically along the coastline, they serve as a visual reminder for residents and visitors alike to dispose of waste responsibly, reducing litter and marine debris that pose a threat to our marine ecosystem.

Beyond waste management, these stations encourage community engagement and empowerment. They provide opportunities for individuals to take proactive steps in caring for our environment, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in keeping Cape May beautiful. By working together, we can ensure that our beaches remain clean and vibrant for generations to come. Thank you, City of Cape May, for leading the way in coastal conservation and inspiring others to follow suit.

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