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Love Blue Headquarters Update

Over the past couple of months, Love Blue Inc. has been continuously expanding and has been presented with ambitious opportunities. Our team has worked hard to hire new interns, organized more cleanups, partnered with like-minded organizations, and extended cleanups to new locations along the east coast. As a result of these new achievements, our nonprofit has been fighting for a location that would be a key asset for our team to work from and also be a place for the community to come together and learn about the plastic crisis. 

The idea was sparked when our President, AJ Caruso, was driving back from his lifeguarding job in Wildwood Crest. On the drive back he passed an abandoned building, thus sparking the idea that AJ had been keeping in the back of his mind. Immediately, he rushed home to send an email to the mayor, pitching the idea of the abandoned building becoming Love Blue’s headquarters. A few months later a meeting was held deciding what to do with that building. Aj quickly again reached out to the major restating his desire to have that specific building become the headquarters of his nonprofit organization.

On Wednesday, October 21, Caruso presented a proposal for an interactive headquarters in Wildwood Crest, NJ. The plan was presented through a zoom conference call to the commissioner's Board of Widwoodcrest. During the meeting President, Caruso discussed Love Blues' plans and goals for the future, pinpointing why having a headquarter would be a vital asset in expanding the company. Caruso prepared for the meeting by looking back on Love Blue’s statistics from all their previous cleanups and made sure the facts were accurate. This was to ensure that his information was laid out in an organizational, clean manner that was easy for the board and townspeople to understand. His major in Business Management from the college Coastal Carolina aided his preparation because it has taught him how to run and structure an organization. While also teaching him what positions and assets are needed to create a successful business, thus knowing how crucial the headquarters could be for Love Blue. 

The Love Blue team presented our ten key concepts that circulated around how the headquarters would increase the company’s productivity and engage the community. Our goal is to transform the abandoned building into an interactive place that would not only be a vital asset space for the team to work from but would also be a place to bring awareness to the public. Caruso highlighted how the headquarters could create jobs, educate children about ocean conservation, address the plastic crisis; and most importantly, let everyone know there is a problem and know that we have the ability to stop it. The response from the crowd was mixed. With some loving the idea of the headquarters and its ability to inform beachgoers, the realization of how much waste is actually entering and floating in our oceans too. Thus being a great resource to the community and vacationers. However, some listeners were more skeptical about the idea. Nevertheless, AJ Caruso will have a follow-up meeting with the mayor on November 6th at 5:30 to further discuss his plan for the Love Blue Inc S interactive headquarters. Stay tuned for more information from our website

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