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Last Summer Beach Cleanup

On Monday, August 17th, Love Blue held their last beach cleanup of the summer. The cleanup was held in Wildwood Crest, NJ. Regardless of the weather postponing the cleanup, an incredible and dedicated group of volunteers came out and joined Love Blue in picking up an astonishing 301 pounds of trash off of the beach. We could not have achieved this cleanup without the local support; who continue to encourage and aid Love Blue with the same passion we have about conserving our oceans. We would also like to thank our team artist, Bella, who drew her creative and original art on surfboards to help raise money for Love Blue. These donations went towards Love Blue’s supplies and materials; the donations will help us with pursuing our goal of advancing and growing our company. Most importantly, a big thank you to our co-hosts Wavy Snell and Mellow Grove who were right alongside us as we were building connections and planning for a better future. Additionally, our first Love Blue sign was presented at the beach cleanup. These signs will be put on our beaches in hopes that they will spread awareness and inform the public on how pollution tremendously affects our oceans and marine life. These signs are something we are extremely proud of and hope this can positively influence people to be more cautious about where they put their trash.

We can not stress enough about how much our volunteers mean to us. Your commitment and donations are the reason why Love Blue continues to grow and expand its horizon. At the first cleanup of the summer, our organization picked up 30 pounds of trash off of our beaches. With more volunteers showing up with each cleanup; we are able to cover more ground. This gives us the ability to pick up more trash. So thank you to everyone who has come out to our cleanups, over the past summer and has been as devoted as us in spreading awareness and protecting our beaches. This summer, our groups have pulled almost 10,000 pounds of trash off of our coastlines, preventing it from reaching our waters and killing our beautiful marine life! This is only the start. Here at Love Blue we work extremely hard and are always thinking of ways to spread awareness to the public. We are building an international team where we connect with people around the world to see what partners we can equate with. In order to raise money for our oceans, repurpose your trash, and many other ways to conserve our oceans. Lastly, we hope our cleanups provoke lasting memories and friendships that will be timeless. Remember, our oceans are all connected, and we (as humans) are the only ones who can stop ocean pollution.

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