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Beach Cleanup Updates and Save the Wave

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

At Love Blue, we intend to do more than simply pick trash off of our beaches. Our oceans and beaches are rapidly decaying at an alarming rate and we are the route cause of this. That is why we created our hashtag BlueMovement because we want to raise awareness of what our actions do to the environment. Through our beach cleanups, we’re able to get vacationers and community members of all ages to come out and see the crisis at stake. Our beach cleanups not only improve our local environment but help contribute to preventing toxic waste from entering our oceans. Love Blue aims to bring people together and join the fight against ocean pollution. We have held cleanups almost every Sunday and Wednesday this summer, at various locations from Myrtle Beach to Wildwood Crest. We hope to further expand our cleanups to newer locations in the future. Stay updated from our website and email us where you would want us to have our next cleanup.

As for our beach cleanups, on Sunday, August 2nd a hurricane from the South headed to Wildwood Crest did not stop our dedicated group of volunteers. The hurricane sadly washed up marine life and swept trash right onto our precious beach. Fortunately, our group was able to collect a whopping 181 pounds of trash off the beach. This not only prevented pollution, but it saved our marine life from this toxic wastes. Thank you to all the faithful volunteers and supporters that came out to Wildwood Crest and helped Love Blue in our mission of ocean conservation. More news on our cleanups, North Wildwood's first Love Blue Cleanup was held Wednesday, August 5. Love Blue is extremely excited to have held a clean up at our new branch, North Wildwood. The cleanup was a huge success and opened doors for a new community, which is what Love Blue is all about. Our group of volunteers picked up 60 lbs of trash off the beach. Our latest cleanup held this Monday, August 10th expanded our horizon to Stone Harbor, NJ. Along with North Wildwood, this is another new branch we have started this summer and we are extremely excited to have them join our #BlueMovement. Thank you to Stone Harbor Beach Patrol and the passionate beach patrons for making this possible.

We are so excited to bring communities together to take on the plastic pollution crisis that our planet faces. Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters that make our cleanups possible. We love seeing you all out there, as passionate as us, making an impact to better our environment. Equally important news to come, save the date for our biggest cleanup yet! Sunday, August 16th Love Blue has decided to team up with Wavysnell for a co-clean up in Wildwood Crest, NJ. Our partner Mellow Grove and Wavy will also be there selling surfboards made from collected, littered cigarette buds from our beaches. This is something you do not want to miss. So join the movement and help us pave the way for a brighter and cleaner future! We hope to all see you there ready to make an impact and most importantly pick up some trash! Sunday, August 16, 6:00 PM, Wildwood Crest, NJ! Don’t forget! #SavetheWave

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