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5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emission that you produce. Greenhouse gasses are gases in the atmosphere that produce the greenhouse effect which is a leading cause of global warming and climate change. Your carbon footprint has a huge impact on the environment and it is important to look closer on how to reduce it. Here are five ways to minimize your carbon footprint!

  1. Number one is extremely easy and will save you some money! Always remember to turn off your lights, air conditioning, electronics, and anything else that releases energy. This will save the environment along with your electrical bills. 

  2. The second is to look into buying energy-efficient light bulbs. Depending on the brand of the light bulbs they produce anywhere from 25-80% less energy than a regular lightbulb. These do cost more than a regular bulb, however, they last significantly longer than the regular which will save you money in the long run. 

  3. The third way is to monitor how you transport places! You can look into walking or biking more. This will also encourage you to get out and be active! If not you can look into public transportation or carpooling with a friend. It is important to reduce how much gas you put out into the earth. The fuel from the car pollutes the earth and hurts our lungs! 

  4. Another easy tip is to keep trying to take shorter showers and to conserve water. This saves time, money, water, and energy. Another tip is to turn off running water, like in between brushing your teeth. Always check to make sure the sink is completely off, it is important to conserve our water!

  5. Lastly, look into investing reusable bags. Plastic bags are a danger to wildlife, especially animals in the ocean. They are commonly mistaken for food to sea creatures and cause great damage. Get a reusable bag and save our oceans!

These five easy tips are a small change for a bigger solution. Reducing your carbon footprint will help save our planet! 

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By Karley Kofman

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